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I have worked as a writer, actor and educator with San Francisco Bay Area Theater Companies for several years. As a writer, I've had short plays performed by theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area, Seoul, Korea and Taipei, Taiwan. Other plays have been given readings at various theaters in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work has received the honor of being featured in Theater Bay Area's Playwright's Showcase and at Naatak Theater Company’s reading series as a finalist in their Ink Pot writing contest. My play A Wife of Buddha has been a semi-finalist in the Bay Area Playwright’s Festival and for MultiStages Theater Company's New Works Contest  in New York. I am a co-founder of San Jose's City Lights Theater Company's Light Source playwriting workshop, founder and former coordinator of Butterfly Effect’s playwriting workshop in Taipei and former member of Asian American Theater Company's New Works Incubator.



My Vision

To reach diverse audiences and bring them together to see more clearly who they are and how “the other” is also themselves. To raise consciousness and funds for environmental issues. To achieve these goals while offering both artists and audience an experience that is visually, textually, emotionally fresh, entertaining and thought-provoking.

My Mission

My mission is to create experiences that allow theater artists and audiences alike to feel, think and see the possibility of transcendence in their lives, in their communities and on their planet. By transcendence, I mean overcoming, crossing and dissolving barriers – cultural and racial – that have held back all people, but particularly people who have had to struggle to be heard in this world: all women, particularly Asian women (in both the West and in Asia), racial and cultural minorities and the mute and innocent Earth, which so badly needs people to speak for Her.  Through crossing lines of time, history and delving into worlds imagined but real, characters in my plays show others the possibility of creating a world that is better, richer, freer – and more sustainable.


Full Length Plays


Nomunication weaves together the stories of two people in two different times, Kanai Suzuki, a contemporary half-white Japanese American woman doing business in the  U.S., Japan, and India and Amar Thadani, an Indian man living under the British Raj, as both attempt to attain financial autonomy, thereby approaching ascendancy for themselves and their respective populations.


As a Korean family from New York journeys through America's heartland in search of rural splendor and  some good German food, their search brings them deeper into the myth of the American family and the American Dream.


A Wife of Buddha tells parallel stories of abandonment and self-determination as a modern-day sculptor in San Francisco strives to depict the lives of Siddharta and his wife, Yasodhara, whom he abandoned in his search for enlightenment.


Do you know the way to San Jose? Muriel Hahn purchases an elephant instead of a Honda in search of an escape from the maddening suburban family drama that thwarts her existence, only to find her way home again.

One Act Plays


A family tends to the farm by day and feeds on its own longing by night.


The fuckity-fuck of the family's existence fuel a dysfunctional family's existence.


Two women imprisoned in two disparate worlds write each other into existence.


As an ancient ancestor struggles with more elemental questions on the Mongolian steppe, a woman asks her boyfriend, "Do you like me because I'm Asian?" 


A woman returns to Korea to confront the doctor who denied that she was raped when she was a young girl and learns how his denial has become his own punishment.


Leanne Yi brings home her white boyfriend, inciting her father into a tempestuous rage and her family into a comic frenzy. 



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